Thursday, August 27, 2009

Smart dressed in Hermès

In celebration of the Smart Car’s 10-year anniversary Hermès has once again put its own very unique twist on it. With a rather grand unveiling at Paris’ Grand Palais of the Hermès “Fortwo édition Toile” Smart Car. The cars will be produced in the following colours: Ebony, Gold, Charcoal, Orange, H Red, Bright Red, Fuchsia Pink, Indigo, Sky and Lime. The exterior hasn’t really been touched but inside “wow”… There is a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear-shift cover and an interior covered in the Hermes’ signature canvas “toile H.” The Hermès “Fortwo édition Toile” Smart Car sells for €38,000. I want all the colours.... Each colour for each day of the week! I’m spoiled? I’m sure the entire inside smells better than "new car" - it smells like new Hermès leather!

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