Thursday, August 27, 2009

Smart dressed in Hermès

In celebration of the Smart Car’s 10-year anniversary Hermès has once again put its own very unique twist on it. With a rather grand unveiling at Paris’ Grand Palais of the Hermès “Fortwo édition Toile” Smart Car. The cars will be produced in the following colours: Ebony, Gold, Charcoal, Orange, H Red, Bright Red, Fuchsia Pink, Indigo, Sky and Lime. The exterior hasn’t really been touched but inside “wow”… There is a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear-shift cover and an interior covered in the Hermes’ signature canvas “toile H.” The Hermès “Fortwo édition Toile” Smart Car sells for €38,000. I want all the colours.... Each colour for each day of the week! I’m spoiled? I’m sure the entire inside smells better than "new car" - it smells like new Hermès leather!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Shoes + sugar = Christian Louboutin Laudrée macaroons!

Spare a thought for the woman who lost one half of her 560€ pair of leopard print Christian Louboutins on a night out. Oh dear. She had only worn them twice and they were of great sentimental value to her. Double oh dear. Whilst she has launched a local search,for her missing shoe, the only consolation I can offer her is to suggest she invest in a limited edition Christian Louboutin Laduree box filled with Laudrée macaroons of course. These boxes are available from September... the shoes on the box are ones that actually do exist. 
Madre Mia!... They are Gorgeous!... i mean Laudrée macaroons... ;)